A Halloween like no other is over. Hopefully, the kiddos (and grown ups!) found something fun to do! I heard about parents hiding candy around the house like an Easter egg hunt, socially distanced trick or treating (bags of candy clipped onto trees or set on tables at the end of the driveway), outdoor parties for all ages. Ken and I went to Greenfield Village for their Hallowe’en Nights and then to a haunted forest up in Commerce Township. Both were delightful and safe–distancing, masks, outdoors.

I keep telling kids that they will have stories about this time for the rest of their lives. I don’t know what kids did during the 1913 pandemic (was trick or treating even a big thing in Ann Arbor back then?!) but here are some lovely pictures from years gone by.

Ann Arbor Co-Op Credit Union Employees Dressed In Halloween Costumes - October 31, 1972 image
Ann Arbor Co-op Credit Union employees in 1972. That was my first Halloween on earth! I’m sure my mom dressed me up as something cute 🙂
Playing Foosball at Halloween Party at Parkridge Community Center, October 1983 image
Foosball on Halloween in 1983 at Parkridge Community Center in Ypsilanti. I love how the boy on the right has his mask pushed up–I used to do that while I was trick or treating and my face got too hot!
Halloween Celebrants In Costume - October 31, 1978 image
If you guessed this was from the 70s, you’d be right. Come on! Look at our friend in the middle, all disco’d up! This was taken on East Liberty Street in 1978. I love the cat guy on the right, too!
Thurston School Kindergarteners In Halloween Costumes, Ypsilanti - October 31, 1962 image
1962 Thurston Elementary. Is there anything more fun than Halloween in an elementary school?!
Eberbach Elementary School Students Celebrate Halloween - October 31, 1939 image
1939 Eberwhite Elementary. Just coming out of the Depression, heading towards WWII. I hope they still had happy years ahead of them.
Ann Arbor Police Officer and Explorers Check Halloween Candy With Metal Detector, October 1982 image
1982 saw AAPD officers scanning candy. I remember this! I mean, not this particular scene, but I remember my mom’s brother going through my candy to make sure there weren’t razor blades (!!!)
Susan McKinney In Halloween Costume, A Kennedy Button, October 1960 image
I LOVE THIS!! 1960, of course!
David Gudenau Points At Pumpkin Tree At Farmer Grant's Market While Sister, Carol Ann, Looks On, October 1958 image
I’ve heard so many wonderful stories about Farmer Grant’s! Here is a picture of a pumpkin tree (!!) in 1958.
Halloween at the Dunbar Center, October 1946 image
Dunbar Center in 1946.
Halloween Party at WPAG, Ann Arbor, October 1945 image
1945 at WPAG
Michael Sontchi, Fantasy Attic Employee, Blends Into A Halloween Mask Display, October 1993 image
I close with Fantasy Attic, circa 1993. I sure do miss that place!

Happy Halloween! Don’t forget to VOTE on Tuesday!!!!

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