Since I’m not sure how to act in all of this, I keep looking towards our past.

It’s like some things are the same but some things are so very different. Take a look.

Fears Of A Small-pox Epidemic image

An 1887 Ann Arbor paper printed this. How awful is this–confined to the tenement district…it was already terrible there. I can’t imagine what this would have been like. I could be reading too much into this but I feel like they are relieved that it’s been “confined” to the poorest of the poor 😦

An Epidemic image

Ann Arbor paper reprinted this from Illinois in 1888. I remember reading about something called Saint Vitus dance at some point in school. I don’t recall why or what class but it stuck in my head. It sounds rather scary.

A Fatal Epidemic image

1887. I’m glad they realized that the water may have caused this. That seems like progress but they were still absolutely helpless.

Smallpox Epidemic Over image

1903, here in Ann Arbor.

Smallpox Is Epidemic image

1895 Virginia gets it–no church services!

Quarantine Established image

Hey! 1893 Georgia government got it!

Thousands Died Of Small-pox image

1891 Panama liked vaccines. What the heck happened?!?!

Smallpox At Jackson image

1894 Jackson got it right–close the schools to prevent an epidemic.

Scarlet Fever image

1878 person did not want to close the schools! This guy 100% would join Michiganders Against Quarantine Facebook pages today.

Onions For Smallpox image

1895 guy would 100% be hawking some sort of weird ass shit on Instagram right now.










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