I don’t ever recall having a Snow Day in November but we had one this past Tuesday! Our beloved little Ann Arbor got almost a foot of snow! That got me to looking up snow pictures from year’s past…

Snow Business Halts Show Business image

I wish I had lived during the heydey of drive-ins. I mean, I was alive, but not old enough to enjoy what sounds like pure awesomeness. This is March of 1956, Ypsi-Ann Drive In on Washtenaw.

Man & Dog Shoveling Snow, December 1957 image

1957. I wish Pugsley enjoyed snow this much! He hates it and looks at me sadly, wondering how on earth I could allow such a travesty to happen.

A record-breaking snow in February 1965 forced the city to push snow into the river!

Snow Removal Trucks Haul Snow From Ann Arbor Roads To Huron River, January 1939 image

Ope! Had to do it in 1939 too–snow on its way to be dumped into the Huron!

Shoveling Main Street Sidewalk In Snow Storm, February 1960 image

Main Street in 1960.

First Snow, Huron River, November 1955 image

Oh hey, here is some snow from November, 1955. Not sure it was enough for a Snow Day though….

First Snow, Michigan Stadium, November 1937 image

Stadium snow from November, 1937.

First Snow in Ann Arbor, November 1937 image

Also from November, 1937. What a perfect picture!

Young girl in 1938 builds a Snow Woman! YOU GO GIRL!

Dorothy Jean Thomas Builds A Snow Lady In Her Yard, February 1940 image

Snow Lady from 1940!!

Snow Sphinx, January 1951 image

1951–a snow sphinx!





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