I vote no matter what. Too many women died for this–I vote no matter what.

Here are some pictures of Election Days past in good ol’ Ann Arbor!

April 1963 voting machine! I’m always mildly disappointed that we don’t have these anymore. Coloring in the little box always seems anti-climatic to me.

Ann Arbor Voting Machine, April 1963 image

“Mrs. Edward Moore” votes in 1946 and also lost her entire identity upon marriage! (Maybe she didn’t mind in 1946. I don’t know. But it bugs me in 2019).

Voting in 1973. No matter who came in first, those guys’ mustaches are winners!

This picture is captioned as the interior of a Fifth Ward voting building and also a home for a WWII vet. I…don’t get it. Were people voting in this guy’s house? Or did they make the voting place into a house…?

Voting in East Ann Arbor, 1948. Did you know that East Ann Arbor was its own thing at one point? You would if you had read Britain and my book!

Voters Fill Booths In East Ann Arbor Polling Place - November 2, 1948 image

Ann Arbor News building, reporting the votes. This is cool! (Spoiler alert: FDR won)

In 1952, we registered people to vote in parking garages. We should do that again.

Darwin L. Wood Registers To Vote With Carport "Curb Service", June 1952 image

Jean Ferguson and Letitia Lightfoot put stickers on cars in an effort to get people to vote. Did people know they were getting stickers? Or was it a surprise? It’d be kind of cool if they just went around and randomly stickered cars. I love these two.

Jean Ferguson and Letitia J. Lightfoot place stickers on cars urging people to vote, March 1964 image

Voting in 1990!! The first year I could vote!

Election Workers Look Over Ballots at the Washtenaw County Court House, November 1990 image

League of Women Voters on its 50th anniversary in 1969. Vote, women. You all should vote. People died for us to vote. VOTE.

League of Women Voters (LWV) Celebrate 50th Anniversary, April 1969 image

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