Stone Elementary Students Carve Pumpkins, October 1969 image

1969 at Stone School

First Congregational Church Jack O'Lantern Contest, October 1962 image

First Congregational Church, 1962. I have to wonder what that boy found inside the pumpkin. His face is somewhere between “really?” and “okay so that happened”


Jack O'Lantern Display At Northside School, October 1953 image

1953 Northside Elementary. Kids designed and carved all of those!!

Jack-O-Lantern Display, Eberwhite School, October 1967 image

1967 Eberwhite.

Jackie Green With Jack-O-Lanterns, October 1960 image

October 1960

Bach School Students With Jack-O-Lanterns, October 1949 image

1949 Bach Elementary

Pumpkin Painters at First Methodist Church Nursery School, October 1962 image

First Methodist Church, 1962. Remember wearing your dad’s old shirt as a smock?!

Pattengill Elementary Students Carve Halloween Pumpkins, October 1973 image

Pattengill, 1973. That kid on the left has seen some shit. You don’t even want to know about the things he’s seen. (j/k, more like “who is this guy with the camera, please go away so I can carve in peace”)

Mack School Students With Halloween Pumpkin Contest Entries, October 1955 image

Mack School, 1955. I am in love with the girl on the left’s hair. So cute!

Pittsfield School Children Prepare Halloween Pumpkins, October 1960 image

Pittsfield, 1960. I wasn’t in school until the late 70s but this is how I remember it…

Thanks as always to the AADL for digitizing these treasures.





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