There is nothing like fall in Ann Arbor. It feels like being wrapped in a cozy blanket while the sun shines on your head and the scent of cinnamon-sugar (NOT pumpkin spice 🙂 ) drifts over you.

Please join me in some upcoming fun! This Wednesday is Keegan and my continuing series: Desserts by the Decade! It’s the Swingin’ 40s and I have an Outfit so right there it’ll be awesome!

Meantime, enjoy some photos from years’ past (Thanks to AADL for scanning these!)

Fall At The Ann Arbor Farmers Market, October 1988 image1988 at the Farmers’ Market but could be last week, really!


Unloading Pumpkins For The High Point Fall Art Fair, October 1976 image1976 but really could be this month!

Children Shopping For Halloween Pumpkins, October 1963 image

1963 but could have been yesterday!

Danielle Galbraith on a pile of pumpkins, October 1956 image

1956 but COME ON! This could be RIGHT NOW!!!!


Mums at the University of Michigan Botanical Gardens, November 8, 1937 image

At the botanical gardens but could still be recent. A guy just got all dressed up that’s all.

Deer Season, November 1937 imageOkay this is definitely from the past–1937!


Fall Window Display and Fiegel Store imageFiegel’s Fall 1937 window display. I love how they are called “top coats”




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