50 more school days until Summer Break 2019! And things are already brewing for me! I will have four–count ’em–FIVE chances to rap with you about history, beer, food, books, Ann Arbor or all of the above!

  1. Rec & Ed Classes continue this summer! The first local history walk sold out in less than a day but a second class was added! Find out more here!
  2. The nice folks at Rec & Ed invited me to tag along on a Bike Ride Through History! Find out more about that here!
  3. History & Hops will be hoppening–oops, my bad, happening again in May! Stay tuned here for announcements once dates are confirmed!
  4. I’m delighted to be teaming up with By the Sidewalk Tours to offer a history/culinary tour of Ann Arbor’s finest food destinations! Tours will be happening monthly–more info will be posted here!
  5. Grown Folks Reading continues! It is always a good time to cram into a bookstore in pajamas drinking beer and wine and reading kids books to grown folks! June 20th will be the next date so save it!

Until then, please read along here, here, here! One day I will update my “writing” tab…probably will have time in about, oh, 50 school days!

Thanks to my many friends who have made all of the above happen!


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