In old timey Society they had the Season which was boring balls and shit you had to dress up for. In the really old timey days the courts had the Season where they had stupid balls you had to dress up for. Here in Ann Arbor, our Season is Election Season–you don’t have to dress up and it’s rarely boring.

Most Augusts and every November we have people running for something. I find it delightful, humbling, and completely awesome when I get invited to election parties and I always try to at least stop by.

Whether you will be making the party circuit or not, please vote. When I first voted in 1992 they said it was the most! important! election! and to save Roe v. Wade we had to vote in Clinton. We did. Same in 1996–the Repubs had taken over and we had to clap back. Then 2000 and that whole shitshow that we somehow survived. In 2004 it was much the same–the most! important! election! but we lost and made it through. Of course 2008 was super important and BOOM, baby! Ditto for 2012. I heard that 2016 was also the most! important! election!…and we all know how that turned out.

But this time I think it really is the most important election. I feel like this is our last shot to try to bring sanity back to our country. We will have another chance in 2020–I don’t believe the hype that there will be troops goose stepping down Main Street or that there won’t be elections–but two years is a long time. I hope we get it right.

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