Hola amigos! It’s been a minute since I’ve updated but I’ve been busy. I love summer.

Our first History & Hops tour made a resounding splash in the world of beer! Join us on August 1st for our next event! Your ticket gets you beer tastings and history ravings!

It’s not too early to get your ticket for the fourth HERsay at Pointless! Join us on August 22 for the best in women performers! I hear something about singing and possibly embarrassing diary reading. Tickets have already started to sell!

What’s up in Beer?

  • Pileated ~ Sour fermented Belgian cherry ale released!
  • HOMES ~ New food special (which I totally misread as a beer special and was like “oh okay that’s different”): Chiraga Allium Kimchi Ramen-
    Smoked pig head/trotter jamon iberico and newsom’s country ham broth, head cheese, pickled shiitake, month old Allium Kimchi, chive, chive flowers, chive oil, green coriander, coriander flowers, fried shallots, togarashi pork rinds, chili threads
  • Grizzly Peak/Old German ~ Support canine search and rescue at a fundraiser at Grizzly Peak!  Per the event page: “A portion of your Food and Beverage purchases made during this event will raise money for GPS tracking systems for the dogs, as well as updated handheld GPS units for the team. MISAR provides, as a public service, trained search and rescue canines, handlers, and support personnel for search and rescue of lost or missing persons.” Event is on July 26! WOOF WOOF
  • Calabaza Blanca with Blood Oranges and Cranberries is on tap at Jolly Pumpkin
  • ABC’s 23rd Anniversary Party is coming up on August 4th!
  • Join Pointless Giving at Pointless Brewery & Theater! On July 27, a portion of all ticket sales will benefit The Cancer Support Community of Ann Arbor.
  • Townies continues to have awesome food trucks…have you been yet? I keep meaning to get myself there!
  • And oh yeah…that little beer fest is happening this weekend!

On this day(ish) in Ann Arbor history….

  • Signal of Liberty, July 22, 1844 – Maynards just received a large stock of drugs, medicine. I keep singing the “save big money at Menards” theme song as I read. They sell as low as any other drugstore and “perhaps a little cheaper.” The 😉 is implied.
    • I didn’t realize that we had a women’s seminary here in Ann Arbor but we did. I don’t think it meant seminary in the way we would think of it but rather as a school to educate the ladies. Teachers instructed in math, the classics, music, and French. You could also take classes in Latin, drawing and painting and something called “fancy work.” They taught some good stuff according to the their book list–logic, botany, legal classics, geography of the heavens, rhetoric, chemistry, algebra, philosophy. It makes me happy that the young women of that era had access to this even though it wasn’t quite free…there were fees for the courses but it’s better than nothing in an era when we couldn’t even fucking vote.
    • Or say fucking loudly and casually in pubs.
  • Michigan Argus, July 27, 1860 ~ Whoa now! A reprint of an article from the Syracuse News warns that girls who wear hats with bells hanging from them will go cross eyed within three months. A subscriber helpfully shared with his local newspaper that he has seen “malformation in the eye” of girls wearing such things. HORROR
  • Ann Arbor Argus July 20, 1888 ~ Helen Hamilton of Ypsi was sent to the Pontiac insane asylum. I wonder what sin she committed? Wanting to vote, enjoying sex a little too much (or at all), voicing an opinion, suffering from PMS…oh the mind wonders!
    • A woman in Manchester sued a saloon owner for selling liquor to her husband; she won $225. I wonder what the story behind that one was….
    • There…apparently was a “national colored convention” held in Indianapolis and several of “our colored citizens” were invited to attend
    • Smugmugging fever started up again! The symptoms are the desire to be relieved of the “hiresute (sic) appendage” to the upper lip. Four men formed a smugmugging party so…I guess it’s a big old mustache shave off party in Ann Arbor!!!!

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