Before we even begin I must share the good news that I am a new mom! Pugsley Argus Anderson-Smith came into our lives this past Tuesday!


Look at the gooddog! He is a puggle (pug/beagle), about age three. He came from the Friends of Michigan Animal Rescue in Belleville and is an amazing dog. He met our friends’ cat last night and as you can see he was completely unbothered–even when kitty ate one of the precious duck treats.

His dad picked out the first name, and the Argus of course is a nod to our historical newspapers! We hyphenated Ken’s last name first so that he can always sit at the front of the class. His street name is Pugs and the dogs already know there is a new pimp in town.

Other stuff ~

My second article dropped. I am really proud of this–please check it out!

The main character of my forthcoming book (HEAD OVER FEET) had something to say on the publisher’s blog.

Beer History Tour! My friend Tammy, of the famous Tammy’s Tastings, and I will be doing a beer history tour on July 11th and August 1st!

On this day….

  • Michigan Argus, July 4, 1862 – reminds us of our patriotic duty in honor of our national anniversary: “Remember that traitors banded together to rupture our government, tear in pieces the Constitution, nullify the work of our glorious fore(parents), and destroy the significance of the name United States of America.” The paper reminded us all that “treason must be put down, traitors punished.…”

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