Here we are again, friends!
For your enjoyment:

  • Beer Tour!
  • Beer News
  • History, including FEAST OF DOUGHNUTS

Let’s get it started!

Beer History Tour! My friend Tammy, of the famous Tammy’s Tastings, and I will be doing a beer history tour on July 11th! ONLY TWO TICKETS REMAIN SO BUY NOW!

…but if you can’t, we will be doing another tour in August 🙂

What’s happening in local beer?

  • Blom Meadworks –  Yoga every Sunday at 11am! On July 1st at 12:30pm there will be a free Barre Class at Blom! From the website: this FREE “Power Up” TBC class will be held on site at Blom Meadworks! Get TWO stamps for your #StrengthPowerFuel2018 Challenge and enter to win prizes!
  • Arbor Brewing/Corner Brewery –  Summer beer tasting and food pairing on Thursday at 6:30pm! Enjoy five courses of beer and food–tickets here!
  • Pileated Brewing –  SUMMER HOURS!! I’ve been waiting for this! Starting this Wednesday, Pileated will be open Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday 4pm-10pm and Sat and Sun 4pm-12am!
  • Pointless Brewery & Theater – Lots of cool shows as always! Shadow League, Summer Games and tons of local improv groups. And beer.
  • Wolverine State Brewing Company –  Double dark chocolate lager hit the taps this week. Might have to check that one out!
  • Blue Front – As always, these nice folks have free tastings a poppin. Tuesday at 5pm offers Ballast Point and Friday at 5pm features Revolution Brewing.
  • Townies Brewery – I’m hearing good things about this brewpub! They have live music, food trucks, and just release a saison, yum!
  • Ypsi Ale House – A New England IPA is being released on Thursday!
  • 734 Brewing – REOPENS this week! Grand Opening will be on June 30!
  • Ann Arbor Distilling Company –  Straight Up Pop Up is happening on Wednesday at 7pm. AADC says, “We’re very excited to present this traveling art series in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, where we will be featuring the work of local artists, live DJ performances, and free art-making workshops lead by artists and teachers.” Ellen Sherman is the first artist! This sounds cool!

On this day….

  • Signal of Liberty, June 23, 1841: Ann Arbor decided it was going to celebrate it some American Independence. And since we don’t do anything half assed around here, the town bigwigs sat down to discuss what to do. Our own founder John Allen even showed up! I love how enthusiastic he was about our town. I like to think he peeks in on me from time to time and marvels at my enthusiasm and also is rather impressed at a woman wearing pants and having advanced degrees and all.
    • The celebration would be held on July 3rd and the program was as follows: the city band to play the song Voluntary, scripture and prayer reading, orchestra performance, reading of the Declaration of Independence by Levi Townson, Esq., more orchestra music, address given by F. Sawyer, Esq., music by the juvenile choir, remarks to schools by some reverend guy, Doxology by the choirs, benediction.
    • I am an esquire and kinda wish we got to do cool things like this!
  • Michigan Argus, June 28, 1861 – Every now and again an article will just jump out at me and demand I read it. This week I was captivated by this headline, for obvious reasons: THE FEAST OF DOUGHNUTS. The only sad things is that it didn’t happen in Ann Arbor but rather in Augusta, Maine. The ladies of Augusta gave away 50 bushels of donuts to servicemen. I did not realize that donuts could be measured in bushels and I am ecstatic to consider this.

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