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  • Beer Tour!
  • Beer News
  • History, including people who believe in the Flying Roll

Let’s get it started!

Beer History Tour! My friend Tammy, of the famous Tammy’s Tastings, and I will be doing a beer history tour on July 11th! Buy your tickets now! It will be a blast!

What’s happening in local beer?

  • Blom Meadworks –  Yoga every Sunday at 11am! After that you can buy your dad a gift package made up of four pack of mead, a t-shirt, two glasses and two coasters. Total steal at $32! I wish my dad liked mead but he is all Old School Dad drinking the Schlitz or whatever its equivalent is these days.
    • Take a 100 mile (!!) bike ride next Sunday at 7am. More info on the Blom Facebook page.
  • Arbor Brewing/Corner Brewery – Celebrate Father’s Day with our friends at ABC/CB! Bingo starts at 6pm at Arbor. Honor your dad by taking him to Halycon Sundaze over at the Corner. Never a bad time!
  • Pileated Brewing –  New beer is being brewed! Northeast IPA!
  • Grizzly Peak/Old German/Blue Tractor/Jolly Pumpkin – Bummed that I missed the Restaurant Week specials at these awesome places. I will knock myself in the head until next week 🙂
  • Pointless Brewery & Theater – Lots of cool shows as always! Beer and board games Sunday followed by an open improv jam. Brews & Views on Gerrymandering on Wednesday.
  • HOMES – Nucleate weekend happened–how was it?!
  • Wolverine State Brewing Company –  Free beer tasting at the Blue Front on Friday at 5pm!
  • Blue Front – Free Atwater beer tasting on Tuesday at 5pm and above mentioned Wolverine tasting on Friday!
  • Townies Brewery – Our newest brewpub is celebrating Father’s Day tomorrow! Or head out on Tuesday for My Little Honey Pot Food Truck–yum!
  • Ypsi Ale House – Half price growler fills today! Parsnips are live tonight, Jim Smith/Dave Solo perform on June 21, Malty Taskers and the Randaliers live on June 22
  • 734 Brewing – I can’t wait to try this place out and apparently I’m not alone!! They will be closed until June 27th so they can brew more beer! Grand opening is scheduled for June 30th!
  • Ann Arbor Distilling Company – Ken and I went there on Friday night and had a great time! I’m not a gin fan so I got a sample of the other beverages–bourbon, peppermint schnapps, coffee liqueur, cherry brandy. OMG all excellent!
    • Speaking of gin, the summer gin release party is Thursday at 6pm.

On this day….

  • Michigan Argus, June 17, 1864 – Common Council was hoppin! A.W. Chase (his big building still stands at Main & Miller!) petitioned for the opening of an alley starting at Catherine Street heading north. Common Council was all “meh” and referred it to committee.
    • Resolved to open a street from Allen’s Creek heading westward
    • The street committee authorized a gutter on west Main Street from Washington to Huron
    • Dray owners gotta pay within two weeks of notice. PAY UP DRAYS!!
    • In other news, there was a Wool Grower Festival on the 31st at some lawyer dude’s house.
  • Ann Arbor Courier, June 17, 1881 – A.L. Noble (I know we have talked about him before!) recovered enough to be able to ride out. Yay!!!
    • Judge-elect Joslin, of Ypsilanti, has been visiting our city and reports that the lawyers are all very friendly and smiling now!
    • John Maynard was visiting his parents on North Division Street and expects to be here a few months. He will then travel to Europe and spend the winter in the south of France but told the paper that he still thinks “there are few places which excel, or equal even, old Ann Arbor in beauty.”
  • Ann Arbor Argus, June 17, 1892 tells us that LONG HAIRED MIKE’s Disgusting Trial in Progress in the Circuit Court. Seriously. That’s all it says. LONG HAIRED MIKE is on trial for something.
    •  But then…there is a follow up clip that says “Disgusting–Prince Michael on Trial.” Now here is where I have some questions because the very next line says, “The long haired colony of Israelites of Detroit, who believe in the Flying Roll, moved down to Ann Arbor and have attracted considerable attention.”
      • Is this anti-Semitic?
      • WTF is the Flying Roll??!!?
    • Anyway Michael K. Mills, who calls himself Prince Michael, is on trial for “the most revolting crimes against Bernice Bickle, aged 15.” His “spiritual wife” and chief of his harem, Eliza Counts, is with him.
    • Yeah y’all gonna have to read this one for yourselves. There is no way I can do it justice by recapping it.  Just…click.







    1. teacherpatti says:

      Thank you so much!! I still don’t know if they are being anti-Semitic though, with that comment about sons of Israel?

  1. Jeff Renner says:

    I’ll repost my comment from Facebook here for the record.

    I think that this group sounds like a predecessor to the House of David, which was founded in Benton Harbor in 1903 based on the writings of an Englishman James Jershom Jezreel. His books were collectively “Extracts from the Flying Roll.” Davidians also wore long hair and beards. A sex scandal brought them down. The Branch Davidians of Texas traced themselves to the Benton Harbor commune.

    1. teacherpatti says:

      Thanks so much!!!

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