Here we are again, friends!
For your enjoyment:

  • Beer
  • ITEM!
  • History
  • Deep mud hole on State Street

Let’s get it started!

What’s happening in local beer?

  • Blom Meadworks –  There will now be chocolate pairings thanks to Mindo Chocolate Makers! On June 6, a special tour will be happening with one of my friends, Tammy of Tammy’s Tastings!
  • Arbor Brewing – Mother’s Day Bingo tonight at 6pm! Don’t forget that Velvet Hammer is coming back! There will be a food/beer pairing on June 22nd and CornerFest on June 23rd!/ Corner: Beer Family Feud on May 15th! COME ON DOWN (Yes I know that is The Price is Right. It still works). Beer Yoga on May 20th and also Halcyon Sundaze that day! There is truly nothing like Halcyon Sundaze…DJs are spinning music, warm weather, great beer….
  • Grizzly Peak/Old German/Blue Tractor/Jolly Pumpkin –  Double Diabolical is back on draft at Jolly Pumpkin!
  • Pileated Brewing – I would suggest going there and getting some the Cherry Blonde. I found it delightful. Also saw something on the menu about blueberry beer coming up as well as some sours and hazy IPAs….
  • Pointless Brewery & Theater – Lots of cool shows as always! Next weekend is Shakespeare at Pointless: Brewery of Errors. I went to one of these shows last year and it was great! You get to play a drinking game with the cast. I never quite got the excitement over some dead white guy like Willie S but the show was still a blast.
  • HOMES – DRONES, a double IPA, has premiered! Lazer Light Show (another DIPA) is back, too! Brunch starts this Sunday at 11am! Tickets are on sale for their first Nucleate Beer Festival on June 16th!
  • Biercamp – I saw something about chili cheese tator tots and pork tator tots. TOTS YES!!! Oatmeal Brown, Vienna IPA, Blonde, and Double IPA on tap.
  • Wolverine State Brewing Company – Next Saturday is the Wolverine Craft Beer Challenge that I mentioned last week!

ITEM! Ed Vielmetti tells me that he found a liquor license request for Mothfire Brewing Company! Stay tuned….

ITEM #2! Looks as though Townies Brewery will take over the space vacated by Glassworks Brewhouse.

On this day….

  • Signal of Liberty, May 13, 1844 – Ann Arbor Debating Society examined this statement: resolved, that direct taxation should be resorted to by the General Government as the only way of collecting a revenue.” Wheat buyers were offering 70 cents a day. [ed. note: not really sure what that means…for processing the wheat? for not peeing in the wheat? What?]. The Liberty Ticket nominated James Birney for president. [ed. note: I would be willing to dig this guy up and give him a chance now.]
  • Michigan Argus, May 13, 1864 – The “doings” of the Common Council (precursor to our City Council) were reported. The mayor submitted the following: petitions and communications, committees reports, unfinished business, motions and resolutions, reports of officers. The petitions included wanting plank walks at Willard & Fletcher, Brown & Pontiac, East Catherine between State and Ingalls, Washington between Fourth and State.
    • Daniel Hiscock was there! Boyfriend wanted a street in his “addition”, west of Main Street. Possibly did this become our current Hiscock Street?! The firehouse needed a new hose and engine repairs (the matter was referred to committee).
    • Talk of putting a street from Allen’s Creek to the west side of Main Street. [ed. note: They didn’t know it then but Allen’s Creek would eventually be buried. This burying would in part lead to flooding on many streets including Depot Street. About 150 years after this meeting, my husband and I would buy a house on that street and find out that flood insurance costs a shit-ton of money!]
  • Ann Arbor Argus, May 13, 1892 –  We had a cold snap that year and almost ran out of coal! Fortunately, some dude named E.B. Hall got four carloads from our friends in Ypsilanti to keep us all from freezing. Good lookin’ out, E.
    • A sign fell down at the postmaster’s office and smashed a case. Seriously, this was a news item.
    • Ladies should read the new ad of Mrs. Otto, the milliner.
    • A dog got lose and bit the sheep of Gottlieb Zeeb and if “the dog goes in that direction again he will get in trouble.”
    • A horse at the livery on North Main became alarmed when an express wagon suddenly appeared. The horse turned quickly, throwing 30 loaves of bread into the mud.
    • There was a a “veritable, despicable, dire mud-hole” on State Street, so deep that someone put a “No Fishing” sign next to it. Now we plant flowers in pot holes. Some things never change!







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