Here we are again, friends!

Three things for your enjoyment:

  • Articles I wrote this week
  • Beer
  • History
  • “That’s pretty good for Grass Lake”: Burn of the year in 1898
  • Putting an end to the silly fad of cutting hair, shooting into crowds

Let’s get it started!

What have I been up to this week?

What’s happening in local beer?

  • Blom Meadworks – New meadery opens (yes, I know this isn’t beer; just go with it). There will be weekly tours and yoga. A special tour will be happening with one of my friends, Tammy of Tammy’s Tastings.
  • Arbor Brewing – Velvet Hammer is coming back! There will be a food/beer pairing on June 22nd and CornerFest on June 23rd!/ Corner: Mother’s Day Brunch next Sunday!
  • Grizzly Peak/Old German/Blue Tractor/Jolly Pumpkin – GP is hiring cooks and dishwashers! Stop by to apply! JP won best pizza in town from Metro Times! It is very good pizza and goes great with their beers!!
  • Pileated Brewing – I would suggest going there and getting some the Cherry Blonde. I found it delightful.
  • Pointless Brewery & Theater – Lots of cool shows as always! Improv jam on Sunday night at 7:30pm, showcases of improv classes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, improv troupes on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. So yeah legit you could see improv every single night this week!
  • HOMES – Tickets are on sale for their first Nucleate Beer Festival on June 16th!
  • Biercamp – I have confirmed that it is still the beer of my pal, Teo Watson-Ahlbrandt so you know it’s good!
  • Wolverine State Brewing Company – How cool is this? WSBC will work with six area restaurants for American Craft Beer Week!

On this day….

  • Signal of Liberty, May 6, 1841 – Census of Michigan showed 23,539 people in our county. Democrats had majorities in 13 towns, Whigs had majorities in seven towns. Produce of “every description” will be accepted for a yearlong subscription to this paper.
  • Michigan Argus, May 6, 1864 – Last call for mail going east is 4:30pm; for mail going west you need to get your mail in by 11:30am per the postmaster.
  • Ann Arbor Argus, May 6, 1898 – Mrs. John Avery went to Bay City to attend a conference on equal suffrage [ed. note: She had her own first name, I presume? Yeah Yeah I know it was the 1890s. Still. “Mrs. Ken Anderson” does not approve!]. Mrs. Ann Pack has been here since December but has returned to NYC. [ed. note: Her first name was used…hmmmmm….]. Patrick Byrne came home from Kalamazoo to visit his mother; his first visit in many years. Sigma Nu’s annual banquet at the Elks’ Club is coming up, Hangsterfer will cater.
  • Best burn of 1898 comes from the Ann Arbor Argus who says that the fifth graders in Grass Lake have several ways to spell the word “icicle”, including “icesickles”, “icycycles” and “icecickles.” Concludes the paper–“that’s pretty good spelling for Grass Lake.” [ed. note: Grass Lake needed some ice after that sick burn!]
  • Ann Arbor Argus reported that someone was shot in the arm by a student who was being pursued by a crowd of people wanting to cut his hair. The paper declared it time to put an end to this “silly fad”. Of chasing people to cut their hair? Shooting randomly into crowds?!?








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