In this issue:

  • Beer
  • History

What’s happening in local beer?

  • Arbor Brewing – Trivia on Thursday, Bingo on May 13th, lots of great beers on tap right now!/Corner – Music Monday, Trivia on Wednesday, Spring beers on tap including Strawberry Blonde, Tilted Earth Spring IPA
  • Pileated Brewing – Thursdays are vinyl nights! Bourbon barrel aged beers are coming! (My personal go-to place on Fridays)
  • Pointless Brewery & Theater – There is always something cool happening here. Tonight is an improv open jam, live improv Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and beer! I like the Remedy.
  • HOMES – Trivia Tuesdays, open dart night on Wednesdays, board game night on Thursdays! Beer is all good, I recommend the King Cold Brew if you like coffee beer.
  • Grizzly Peak/Old German – Karaoke on Thursdays at OG, next Brewers’ Night is June 5th. Beers currently available (the boddies sounds really good!)
  • Blue Tractor – The Pitmaster Porter is quite good, IMO.
  • Jolly Pumpkin – Get yourself some sours!
  • Biercamp – Get some beer with their delicious, delicious MEAT!
  • Wolverine State Brewing Company – Pints & (yoga) Poses is back on May 10th, trivia on Mondays, award winning beers!

On this day….

  • Signal of Liberty, April 29, 1844 – The Ann Arbor Debating Society is meeting on Saturday. Ladies and gentlemen are invited to attend! Resolved: that society is justly accountable for the crimes of individuals, for man by nature is not totally depraved.
  • Michigan Argus, April 29, 1864 – E. Ketchum of Ypsilanti would send you a small treatise on Ice Cream & the Philosophy of its Manufacture if you just send him your address.
  • Ann Arbor Courier, April 29, 1881 – Gen. Partridge from Bay City was in the city overnight as was B. Frank Bower from Detroit. Dr. A.W. Chase left for Toledo to take up his business there. Dr. Georg is going to Washington to see a patient. Dorr Kellogg left for Battle Creek and is expected to spend the summer there.
  • Ann Arbor Argus, April 29, 1898 – The YMCA’s fourth annual banquet took place last Tuesday. Speakers included Judge Lane, Rev. TW Young, and ES Gilmore. Private Johnson was slated to give a toast but instead was at Island Lake. The high school orchestra performed; Mrs. R.H. Kempf and Miss Rose French performed vocal solos.


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