It me!


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I did this story last year when Kevin Allison’s RISK came to the Detroit area! I was terrified to meet someone famous but he was super nice! I think I just vomited words at the nice man and I know I said he should move to Ann Arbor. Because that’s totally what you say to people.

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It is pretty though, yes? Nowhere else has frozen dams like we do.

The story is about how I inadvertently bullied a girl in the 8th grade and how that shit stays with you. I am nothing if not a rule follower so I did what the RISK told me to do–I told it for the first time in public on that stage and I never did I ever think I would tell those things to other people.

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So I made the mistake of looking up the other two performances and was like holllly damn french fried shit! Which one of these is not like the other, which one of these just doesn’t belong?

Totally famous writer dude

Totally famous speaker writer lady


But at least I got this to look forward to in a few months so I’m totally chalking it up as a win for me!

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