This past Saturday, we crammed about 15 people into our living room so we all could enjoy a viewing of Grease 2. Proper and polite as always, we reviewed the movie quietly as we pondered upon Stephanie’s wearing of pants as a way to assert her independence, Paulette’s insistence on pursuing Johnny despite his treatment of her and obvious torch he carried for Stephanie and Louis’ ongoing desire for–

Ha ha I’m just kidding! That movie is horrible but it is fun to watch with friends! No one really stopped talking the whole time, so it was hard to hear the amazing songs like this, this, or this! (FWIW, Michelle Pffiefer looks almost identical to my ballerina Barbie that I had as a child. It is rather bothersome).

I watched the movie at least 50 times as a kid. I remembered a lot but forgot how motorcycle focused it was. I did not remember that panty-dropper Michael built his own from scratch! He is hot and quite crafty! With motorcycles in mind, I dug around in the Old News Archives and did not come away disappointed.

I present to you–the Devil Dogs!

Circa 1939, this gang terrorized the streets–ha ha I’m just kidding. I can’t even write it. They are AWESOME! I love these people! And because we don’t do anything half-assed in Ann Arbor, these folks were in it to win it; specifically, to win the Best Dressed Motorcycle Club in Michigan. Yes, you read that right. They won honorable mention in 1938 for the national best dressed costume and I can only imagine what the fuck the winners must have worn.

Note that there are women in this club. That is beyond awesome! Both my dad and maternal grandpa rode motorcycles and I have vague memories of being plunked on a bike as a child. I’m sure my mother had heart attacks but I remember it as being a lot of fun.

These ladies look like they would have been a blast and I wish I could have known them and they could have come over for the Grease 2 movie night. We would have had a ball!


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