I often say that if ever I write a memoir (and I will likely not because apparently, my genres are creative nonfiction and women’s fiction–didn’t know that!), I will call it Good Times, Bad Times. Because that is how my life usually operates–extreme highs and lows with the occasional stretch of mundane. Maybe everyone’s life is like that.

(Please read to the end, or skip the not-humble brags if you wish)

There have definitely been some highlights lately! Most significantly is this:

That’s my friend (and one of the funniest people I know) Britain and I as we signed our book contract to write FORGOTTEN ANN ARBOR!! It will be about, well, the old timey stuff of Ann Arbor! Very excited. Creative Nonfiction FTW!

Summertime in general is a highlight for me because I get to do things around town that I can’t do during the school year. Why, just this past week all of this happened:

Monday–I’m sure you listened to me on wcbn.org (live streaming) or locally 88.3FM but in case you did not, then here is my bitchin’ playlist. A guy took time from his busy schedule to call me and tell me how much I sucked for playing Led Zeppelin. My man was driving but the urge to remind a volunteer DJ of her suckage took priority. Really. As it should be, I guess.

Taco Tuesday! Like seriously, how could you NOT want to hang out with these people?!

Later, I went to Manhattan Club which is exactly what is sounds like–we go to The Last Word and get Manhattans. Fin.

Wednesday found me square dancing in Detroit. Square dancing, biotches! I think you can see the video that my friend Kevin took if you click here. About :27ish seconds in, I flip him the double bird. Because that is how I roll.

Thursday saw me back in Detroit for a storytelling fundraiser! And Friday was MST3k and chill night with our friend (actually, RiffTrax! Miami Connection! Truly a gem).

Ken found this amazeballs seafood bake over in Ferndale and it was quite the time. I still have Lobster juice on my phone (which I would take a picture of but it’s on my phone which takes the pictures! Meta) but here is the meal before I gorged myself like a dog:

After, we headed to one of my favorite brewpubs, ROAK! I wrote about them after they opened and it remains one of the best interviews I ever did and one of my favorite articles.

I of course checked into the Facebook and tagged owner John Leone who replied that their latest beer, Creative Tension, was named after a phrase I used in my article!!!!! Oh that sorta went right to my head right there. Ken was like, “who is that?” and I’m like “yeah just the owner nbd hahahahahaha!” He also phoned the pub to instruct them to give us a free round. Feelin’ like a rock star, I was doin’ it.

There is a reason I am typing all of this. It is so I don’t think about the bad awful horrible thing that I found out on Saturday, which is that my beloved parapro from back in my Detroit days died. Gone. End. Passed on. Passed away. Called home. Gone home. Whatever the fuck all you want to call it. I’ve not even processed it I don’t think. Ken and I were driving home from the seafood bake/trip to ROAK last night and I started to sob. Ken took us on a memorial tour back to the first place where Peoples and I taught together. I haven’t been there in eight years but I remember parking next to his car in the parking lot. Whenever I saw his car and knew he was there, I knew I’d have a good day. And I almost always did. I’ll write about it at some future point but I can’t right now (I thought I could). I am never getting over this one. Godspeed.



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