When one’s brain vacillates between super hyper let’s do it all plan it all do all the things to crushing despair that tells me I’ve never succeeded, never will succeed, should just give up…well, one has to keep oneself busy. One has to do stuff that makes one happy.

This is not easy. I cannot just up and choose the path of happiness, however much I may want to. So I have to follow the old axiom in storytelling–whenever possible, show don’t tell. By showing myself happy fun time, sometimes I get there.

And also let’s be honest–a childfree by choice person living in her dream town in this idyllic old timey Village with real neighbors and Sunday dinners and a pool and with a job that has her home by 3:30 every day and 10 weeks off in the summer…yeah, there’s lots of times to show myself the fun. (Which btw works against me because when I am depression, my brain whispers this to me and reminds me how much I suck for not appreciating any of it. Good times.)

And that leads us to the MUSICAL THINGS I HAVE BEEN DOING!

Background~It is interesting to me when people say things like “their music got me through XYZ” or “that music spoke to me” or when people follow bands or whatever. I LOVE that they do that, do not misunderstand, but it is foreign to me. I guess I just don’t like music that much. I may hear something and go, “Oh yeah, that came out in 8th grade, shitty time for me, great song though!” or “Yup, I remember hearing that as I drove to my internship second year of law school.” it marks time for me, but I can’t honestly say that any particular artist spoke to me or guided me. The only bands I’ve ever been into were the early grunge bands and that was for like a year or so in my very late teens/20. They’re mostly dead now and have been for years, so I couldn’t follow them around like a Deadhead, and wouldn’t have anyway.

But I’m doing some musical stuff lately!

  1. For years and years now, I have been meaning to see about being a volunteer DJ on our local, university station WCBN 88.3. I felt weird though because I am old and actually owned vinyl and I am old. Fortunately, I have a friend who engineers a show and encouraged me to come over and try it out. I went for training level 2 today and maybe possibly ROCKED THE SHIT OUT OF IT! Here is my bitchin’ playlist:
    bob marley “what goes around comes around”
    The Beat “Rock and Roll Girl”
    Avatars “Hey Girls”
    River Raisin Ragtime Revue “Teasing the Cat”
    Traditional Jewish Melodies “Reb Dovidel”
    Knack “Good Girls Don’t”
    Never Nebula “Riders on the Storm”
    Film Music from France “Au Bout due Chemin”
    DIck Siegel “Angelo’s” Snap! Boo-Kay / Schoolkids
    Zapped soundtrack “Bomp Me”
    Steve Amick “Cheese Sandwich”
    Woody Guthrie “Talking Dust Bowl Blues”
    Miles Davis “So What” Kind of Blue Columbia 1959
    Luscious Jackson “Naked Eye” Fever In Fever Out
    raspberries “Go All the Way” Poptopia
    Louis Armstrong “Hello Dolly” jazz
    Elvis Presley “A Little Less Conversation”

Hell yes I played a song from the ZAPPED soundtrack! I had such a blast and will hopefully have a regular show this summer!

2. I’ve been tap dancing! My mom had me take jazz, tap, and ballet as a kid and I sucked at all of them. But something about tap makes me happy. I love the movies where a person is tapping and some stranger comes along and looks over and is like WHAT?!?!?! and then starts tapping the EXACT SAME THING! Wut!?!? I can totally dance like this!

Hahaha no but I can totally do the shuffle, ball change, shuffle, step.

3. Acted as DJ Peanut. See previous post.

4. Went to our monthly Community Sing and sang badly!

5. I should probably work on my ukulele this summer. I play it about as well as I tap dance, but it’s fun to sing the Clementine song which is a realllllly dark song! Seriously. You think you know it, don’t you? You don’t.

Nine more days til summer break!


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