There is much to speak up and out about these days. Maybe there always has been. I have been trying to do my part. Two weeks ago, I went to the Northlands Storytellers’ Conference in Wisconsin. It was the first time I have returned to Wisconsin since my disastrous law school experience. I didn’t quite have a nervous breakdown and the wind didn’t like suck my car back as I tried to escape after it was over, but I still had a few bad dreams (the same ones I always have–I’m living my normal life but somehow I have to go back there and live there and utter terror fills me). I am working on a story to address this and I think it will be quite cathartic.

Otherwise, I learned quite a bit about the craft and how I have a long way to go! I did learn about the theater of the oppressed and that was cool.

Also, I had lots of butter. This was legit one of the best meals ever so yay on Wisconsin for that one.


This past week, I hopefully used some of that new storytelling prowess as a guest teller at the annual Telling Tales Out of School benefit for the Student Advocacy Center. This is a very necessary organization that helps students and parents.

I told my story called “Mindy” about a time my friends and I bullied someone by omitting her from our group and the repercussions 20+ years later. (In other words, what happened in 1986 no longer stays there).

I appreciate anyone who listens to this, by the way. Unfortunately for me, the only way into the storytelling thing is through the Moth. I can’t do the Moth for a variety of reasons–the public judging by people, the time limit…I have friends who rock it and a friend who produces it and I respect the hell out of those folks but I am completely cut off from the attention I would like. As usual, wrong place/wrong time for me. Anyway, any feedback is welcome!

Here are some pictures of me, as taken and posted to Twitter by our local superintendent. No big de–OH HOLY SHIT YES THAT IS A BIG DEAL!

My legs really ARE that fat!
Gimme FIVE!

The next night, my friend Jess & I had a Salon! MOAR TALKING!!!! Specifically about affordable housing. We were like oh shit it’s just gonna be us but Ann Arbor said NOPE and people showed up! Did we solve the problem? Of course not. But it’s a good place to start!

Yup. Pretty much looked just like this!

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