An amazing history book once said something about how there is nothing like Ann Arbor in the springtime.

Hahahahahaha! It’s funny ‘cuz I’m talking about my book ~

Order it please. Thanks!

(I also have a food co-op history book that is still hanging out, waiting to be purchased at the co-op).

But yeah I wasn’t kidding when I said there is nothing like Ann Arbor in the springtime. It really is quite lovely.

We start in March with our Film Fest and that is really the first sign of spring for me. Ken and I are volunteer screeners so we get to see some of the stuff early and we get a free pass to see whatever we want. Believe you me I wear that thing like a goddamn badge on my arm.

April brings spring break, part of which I spent with my dad in Florida.

So it’s possible that Ann Arbor does not have sundown drum circles on the Gulf of Mexico

It is possible we do not have ANY sundowns on the Gulf of Mexico. Do not hold this against us

My dad took us on a boat ride! I love boats! You know how some people want kids? That’s how I want a boat. But I will not get one because life has been cruel. (I’m just kidding. It’s fine)

I’d really like a boat though.

But anyway so springtime in Ann Arbor is awesome even if we don’t have the Gulf and boats. We do have drum circles. I have gone to them.

We also have this:

This is a shirt from the Smithee Awards. My very good friends put this show on every year. If you like MST3k, RiffTrax and all that, then this is the show for you. It is 19 categories of bad movie clips that we then vote upon and also we eat really bad for us snacks.

FoolMoon and FestiFools also happen in April!

Ken got me a glowing skirt to wear and also glowsticks!

The parade was its usual fun, with a decidedly political twist.

Yup. That’s Betsy!

To round out this most lovely season, we have the Water Hill festival in May and one of my favorite events, the annual Telling Tales Out of School fundraiser! I spoke last year and am speaking again. Apparently, I am on YouTube which is both thrilling and terrifying.

Today though is possibly the most meaningful day because it is the sixth year anniversary of meeting Ken Anderson! I went to a Sci Fi/Horror Meet Up and me being me asked everyone to write down their names so I could friend them on Facebook after. I wasn’t sure about that quiet kind of snarky guy with the really short hair (dyed white, for reasons I still don’t get and we still argue about) but I sent him a friend request. He accepted almost immediately with a comment like “God, you sure move quickly.” Boyfriend had NO idea. Happy six years, Kenny!

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