I haven’t gotten the pictures from HERsay yet (the one and only Kevin Sharp took them and they will be fabulous but we haven’t gotten it together yet, he and I). BUT, I do have audio.

I turned on my phone recorder to pick up my “1984” story and turned it off right after. This story is NOT SAFE FOR WORK or small children and plants. It’s about dicks.

Weirdly, the recorded decided to spring back into action at some point in the show. Ever the team player, it stayed on for 20 hours recording some of the show, weird mumbling, and silence that I don’t listen to too closely for fear of hearing some ancient thing in my house.

The recording below is an improv skit that I did with my friends Halla Motawi and Chris Wagner. We called our troupe the Push Ups (#sorrynotsorry) and it was the first time we ever performed live. They are some funny chicks so I think you will enjoy it. I am the donut shop/bath salts/coffeehouse owner and Halla and Chris are the siblings.

The actual game is called Sentences. Prior to the show, we asked audience members to write political, feminist or just plain fun phrases or words onto file cards. We put the file cards into our bras and pulled them out at various points in the skit. You will know them when you hear them.

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