Decades ago, when I watched every single Kids in the Hall sketch (on videotape or DVD), there was a great bit called, “He’s Hip! He’s Cool! He’s 45!”

Haha! Oh that’s funny, I thought. I’ll never be that old! Hahahaha!

Yet here we are! As of 10:39pm on March 17th, I indeed became 45 years old (always been hip and cool IMHO).

Because I like my birthday, I tend to make it into a multiday celebration and coerce people into doing things with me! We started on Thursday with HERsay 2: We Got Somethin’ To  Say (I forgot to say it at the event, but that comes from Fuck tha Police wherein Cube goes, “Yo Dre, I got somethin to say”). It sold out a few weeks in advance but I still had a serious Brick Shitting Moment a few minutes before, terrified because a few seats were empty (they filled up though).

My dearest beloved friend Kevin took the pictures and I don’t have them yet but imagine me telling my story called “1984” (about dicks, cuz of course) and then doing improv with some super talented friends of mine. Something about a donut shop and a donut called “Tell Leviticus to Blow Me” and the “Dildo donut” that I lifted with both hands. I sort of black out when I’m up there and that’s all I really recall.

We had lunch at Ricewood BBQ on my actual birthday! Yummmmmmm! MEAT! Kevin remembered to take a picture luckily because I never do. There were more people there but they were getting MEAT and/or having meat shits somewhere.

Yes, I’m wearing a crown.

Then I got my free birthday coffee from Roos Roast and went home for a nap. Yum! Ken and some friends and I went to the old person’s dance party at Live. It starts at like 5 and goes until about 8 and is just an amazing blend of old timey Ann Arbor people. Everyone is super friendly and no one seems to care that I dance like Elaine from Seinfeld (a show I’ve never actually seen but I hear that I’m a lot like her character. I wish I was the actress in real life ‘cuz her grandpa was a billionaire. What would I be doing if I was a billionaire? Not acting or doing much else!)

It was icy and shitty and so Ken and I just got Blank Slate ice cream and came home. My mom came over on Saturday and then we had the bigger party at my second home, the Corner Brewery. Here are some pictures!

That swirly one is the best, truly. It looks like it is moving if you stare at it long enough, which I do!

The weekend was supposed to end with Puzzling (sort of happened) and Square Dancing (did not happen) but instead ending with Napping because I really enjoy napping. Ken had his gamer friends over and so they gamed and I napped. Then I went to our neighbors’ house for the usual Sunday dinner.

I don’t think I will live to be 90 but in case I do then I guess we are halfway there!

The positives:

  1. Certainly never did I ever think I would get one, let alone two, dudes to marry me! Finding a guy who didn’t want kids was always a challenge yet here we are! Ken seems in it to win so that is a positive!
  2. Never did I ever think that I would so fall in love with a town and have it (mostly) love me back. Did not think I would write two history books about it and have people seem to like them. Did not think I would write for several local publications and have people mostly like the articles except for a few people who are going to hate because #haters.
  3. Very pleased to be described as “local celebrity” even though I don’t agree–that title really belongs to Julie Weatherbee.
  4. Live in lovely Village in lovely Ann Arbor!

Horse is probably out of the barn on these ones:

  1. Getting a book deal that would set me up for life. No one gets “discovered”–it’s not a thing, people. The whole dream of the big life shattering book/movie thing has ran from the barn and is far afield never to be seen again.
  2. Getting back down to a size 9/10. That happened once in law school and unless we enter a time of famine, this horse is also far far away.
  3. Having a job like I did in Detroit where I was an extremely effective and loved classroom teacher. Those don’t really exist anymore.

Hey that’s really it for regrets! Those are the only three things really missing/that I regret so I guess that’s no so bad!

Thanks to everyone who celebrated my birthday with me!





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