….I won’t go away.

Well, I did. Much of Ann Arbor did. After the election, we had a nervous breakdown. People weren’t answering emails, we were hiding, we were and are devastated and terrified.


We are back. Ken and I drove eight hours to the Women’s March in DC. It was an experience unlike any other. We stopped at a rest area in PA and half the place had pussy hats. I went up to a random table and said “SOLIDARITY! I’m from Ann Arbor!” and they said “Chicago!” and people started yelling out home states and towns. It was glorious.

We ran into pussy-hatted friends all over in DC, including at the hotel (dude noticed my sweet ass WEMU hoodie and that sparked the conversation).

Since then, I’m staying woke (been woke for a minute but still):
a) Starting a kids’ book about fallacies and how to fight them (some of my girls and I are on this. Indiegogo coming soon)

b) Starting an Ann Arbor area Algonquin Roundtable with my friend Jess.

c) Hosting Salons (Husband Ken, the introvert, is nothing if not a team player and is in this to win it!)

d) Co-organized, emceed and told at the Bad & Nasty Cabaret in Ypsilanti. Because fuck you, (not my) president.

e) We’re doing a thing again on March 16th. Cuz we got somethin’ to say: https://www.facebook.com/events/1431828436850662/

Fewer than 20 tickets remain, so buy early and often 🙂

We aren’t going away. We’re worse than that thing stuck in your teeth. We are the Resistance, motherfuckers.

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