I realized that I have even more in common with Trump than the three things I posted last time. ARGH!!!!!

4) NOW I GOTTA DO A THING?!?! I love planning. It’s so delightful! I love signing up for things and agreeing to do things and volunteer? Why yes! I’d love to!

But then I gotta do a thing. And that sometimes sucks.

So I feel Trump on the way he wants to get out of this whole “being the president thing.” If I was similarly situated, I could totes see myself being “HELL YEAH LET’S RUN!”, figuring I’d have no chance to win. But then I’d win and be like, “Shit.” NOW I GOTTA DO A THING!

(pretend there’s a cute kitten picture here)

I had a similar thing happen years and years ago (pre-Meds, so don’t judge too harshly). I was doing legal aid part-time, teaching part-time, and then got called for an interview at a place I had applied to years before. The place was located in Ann Arbor and back then, I still had dreams of working where I lived. (This dream has long turned to dust as local districts are now rejecting me for jobs I didn’t even apply for. Seriously). So I went for an interview. The guy was kind of weird, but not creepy. Then I had a second interview and the other people were nice, even though the head guy was still a little off. Then I had yet a THIRD interview for a $10/hour, 20 hour per week job and I thought, “Huh. This is odd.” But they bought me lunch so why the hell not? Then I finally got an offer like a month and a half after this whole process started. I immediately accepted the offer because a) I had dreams then and b) I kinda wanted to make them employ me after all of the hoops they made me jump through.

(pretend there’s a cute meme here)

But then I realized SHIT I GOTTA DO A THING. I did not want to do this job. I did not want to work for and with the little weird guy. I also did not want to give up a $25ish/hour job for a $10/hour job, regardless of where that job was located. So I bailed in the least graceful way possible. (The guy read my former blog and I posted a blog post basically expressing viewpoints that were opposite of what the job would be and of course guy called me and said thanks but no thanks).

It was pre-Meds so please don’t judge too harshly

Point being, I got out of it with a blog post that I later deleted. This dude has appointed literal Nazis and people who want to destroy the departments they will be heading and we still won’t let him out of it. Maybe he should start a blog.

(pretend there’s a cute picture of a doggie wearing glasses and typing on a laptop here)

5) I don’t want to leave my hometown either. I hear that D don’t wanna leave the NYC. I feel you, brah. If I won president, we’d move the national’s capitol to Ann Arbor. #sorrynotsorry

My friends are here. They seem to like me here. I like the downtown and the Huron River is really nice. My couch is here, and it is quite comfortable. I like in this idyllic little condo place literally called The Village, and my neighbor has Sunday dinners. Why would I want to leave? We bring Capitol to me! My friends could all pick whatever cabinet post they wanted and we’d have a grand old time! Meantime, we could turn the White House into a homeless shelter and save some people.

(pretend there’s a picture of me in front of the WH Homeless Shelter, saving all the people)

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