It’s been a month now. I’ve been going back and forth between

and this




I really can’t decide which. Also, I cannot turn off the itallics for some reason so here we are!

Oh there we go! Off now, yay.

On the one hand, not that many countries can turn us into a smoldering ash heap and the ones that can seem to love them some Tr*mp. But on the other hand, there are plenty of countries WE can turn into a smoldering ash heap. And that is not good for anyone.

On the one hand, the activist base is fired up and we are talking #resistance which is something I have planned on for years (thought it would be the NeoCons, but it’s the NeoNazis. My bad). But on the other hand, what the hell can we really do? US Reps are gerrymandered into safe seats. We can maybe target our Senators, but how much power do they have given that filibustering has been limited?

Thus far my reaction has been to MAKE ART.

  • I’ve been cranking out storytelling ideas (since much of my life is aimlessly driving around, I can do this quite often). I am beyond honored to be telling at the Risk! storytelling night on December 15th at the Magic Bag.
  • I am shining up a book I started writing years and years ago with the hopes of shipping it to my agent (#humblebrag) in the new year. I am still writing locally, too!
  • I attended two separate artists meet ups and made some great connections, including someone who is attached to a performance art event scheduled for President’s Day 2017.
  • I am seriously thinking of creating a book for children and a book for teens explaining logical fallacies. (Yes, I have the Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments; it is not for kids). I feel like we need more of this in the world.
  • I am putting myself out there more, which can be painful but also exhilarating.



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