Quite often, perhaps too much, I brag about my adopted hometown of Ann Arbor. But I want to say that there are things that are possible here that just are not possible anywhere else. To wit, I was just noodling around in my brain a few months ago and thought, “Oh hey! It’d be cool if we had a performance art thing–storytelling, comedy, whatever.”

Now in some places, this is where the idea would have died. But I know someone who owns an improv theater and brewery, two tastes that taste great together. And I just emailed her like “ha ha just had this crazy idea, maybe a woman only thing I don’t know” and she was all HELL YES THIS WILL HAPPEN!

And BOOM! Here it is, right here. HERsay.

These are crazy creative women. The breadth and scope of the talent was off the damn charts. And it was, and several people told me after, the perfect anecdote for this bullshit election season. Plus, we raised about $600 for Planned Parenthood.

We will do this again. I hope you can join us.

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