Washtenaw County is blessed with extremely talented people. I was thinking about things a couple of months ago, and this thought entered my mind. Since my mind is like a three year old rabid porcupine on crack, it then bounced to other thoughts like “wow, we have lots of talented women in our midst” and “they do so many cool things” and “we should all get together” and “why is this election bringing out the worst in people” and “is that MY foot??! That’s what it looks like, really?”

So I shared an idea with our friends at Pointless Brewery & Theater and to my endless delight, co-owner Tori thought it was a great idea. I put the word out and BOOM! We are doing a thing!

It’s called HERsay and I wish I could link our cool flyer to it but it won’t let me, so you will have to click on here to see the awesomeness!

It is on November 10th at 7pm at the aforementioned Pointless (Packard and Platt for the locals). We will either start by celebrating our first female president, or we will chuck it all and plan our move to Iceland. (I kid. Sort of). You will get to see and hear some outstanding women–telling stories, telling jokes, doing performance art, showing off visual art, tapdancing, performing a play and there are even some very brave women who are going to read from their junior high/high school era journals.

Best part? The generous folks at Pointless are donating a substantial portion of ticket sales to our friends at Planned Parenthood.

Get your tickets now, and be ready for a rollicking time on November 10th!



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