School has started, and as usual I find myself doing more writing. When I have open days full of fun and mirth, I tend to just partake in the fun and mirth and do little else. I presume this is why God did not make me independently wealth–because I will sit and do nothing, ever.

I wrote the centerpiece article for our own The Ann magazine, which is extremely exciting. It is never not a thrill to see your name in print, except I suppose if you are a defendant or accused of shooting someone.


I also contributed to our beloved Observer magazine, in the Marketplace Changes section. Again, seeing something in print is quite satisfying, even though I do most of my reading on a screen these days.

Over at Mittenbrew, I wrote about a great great GREAT brewpub, ROAK. And I continue to write for Concentrate, about our local history.

While I nervously wait for my young adult manuscript to hopefully sell (hope hope hope), I started reworking a book that I started in the late 90s. My, how times have changed! I had them sending Yahoo! messages, and there was no mention of smart phones, and they were still reading newspapers. So I suppose I have some updating to do! Here is what it’s about:

“Did you ever have one of those ‘moments’?  Where everything is as it should be, and all is well on earth and you know you are exactly where you should be and doing exactly what you should be doing?”

That is how the self-described “depressive, rotund, nobody’s dream girl” Rebecca Slater, feels when she meets the mysterious, disfigured Mike Riley. Mourning the life threatening injury of her best friend, and coping with her own mental illness, Becca ends up lost and stranded and knocking on Mike’s door one rainy day. Having spent the past ten years hiding in his home, Mike is not ready for guests, and definitely not looking for friends. Over time, they build a friendship of two lost souls who find in each other what each one is looking for.

The antagonist is Mental Illness, and the plot revolves around her trying to find her way through a relationship will dealing with Bipolar Disorder and all of the fun that goes along with mental illnesses. The first part is the friendship, the second part is the relationship, the third part is MORE MENTAL ILLNESS FUN! I promise it’s not really depressing, but rather a realistic look at the antagonist that is in my head–in a lot of our heads.

Anyway, if anyone wants to beta read, that would be super. Meantime, the Write goes on….


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