It’s 11 days into summer vacation and it has been a wonderful time. Last summer, I spent my days sending query letters. That was a depressing event, let me tell you. Imagine all of the rejection you’ve ever got–ever–and multiply it by 100, add 40,000, multiply by 100 again and you still aren’t close. But good things happened! (We have yet to see if the book will actually sell, of course, and my dreams of a big advance/movie deal have sort of evaporated but I’m hoping someone buys it!)


I’ve also been doing some writing, here and here.  (I am particularly proud of my use of Alice Cooper lyrics in the latter article).

Two weeks ago, I spoke at Nerd Nite in Ann Arbor. Shortly thereafter, I got invited to be part of the Michigan Showcase at our state’s annual Storytellers’ Festival. And of course, I’ve been binge watching Orange is the New Black.


This summer, I am focusing on working on another book (juuuuust in case that begging kitten picture fails to warm the heart of an editor), English Country dancing (you’ve seen it if you’ve seen any of the English old timey movies, but here is a video), and playing some old timey base ball with this lovely group of women called the Merries. I even got my vintage base ball nickname: PO PO.

Here is to a great summer!

i love summer

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