Last month, I had the absolute privilege of speaking at a fundraiser for the Student Advocacy Center. They are a wonderful group that works to keep kids in school–that is, not suspended or expelled. My friend is the executive director, and I was thrilled when she asked me to speak.

Please click here to see me in action. (I can’t bear to watch…I’ll just look at my Fat and whine).

As always, I continue to thank my lucky stars that I am able to make money by writing about the history of my favorite city! My latest article is about the Kayser block, where Fourth Avenue Birkenstocks is now.

We are so lucky to have amazing events in Ann Arbor. One of my personal favorites is Nerd Nite, which features three speakers on any assortment of nerdy topics. I am thrilled to say that I will be doing my third (?!?!) Nerd Nite talk on June 16th! I will be talking about Improv–where did it come from, what is it now, how can you do it, too? Come on by if you are in the area–it’s free, thanks to our lovely friends at the library.

Too much about me–how are YOU?

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