I’ve been told that a lot of publishing is about WAITING. Waiting for an agent to notice you (the worst wait of all!), waiting for edits, waiting for a sale (oh please oh please oh please), waiting for the book to come out. I’m horrible at waiting!

But what I am good at it is just one letter off of waiting–and that’s writing! (Yes, I literally just noticed that!). So I’ve been working on my second book (starring Katie, from the first book). I’ve also been writing things around town.

I’m not sure if this will be an ongoing thing or not, but I was asked to write about beer bars for Thrillist. As you can imagine, I was thrilled!

I also have the best writing job in the world–a twice-a-month column on historical Ann Arbor things. This month, we look at parades.

And the food co-op book comes out in 11 days, at our annual meeting! Yikes!

But writing will beat the pants out of waiting any day! 🙂

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