A History of Ann Arbor's People's Food Co-op

For the past few months, I have been working on my second (and hopefully not last!) book! It is another local history book, this time about our People’s Food Co-op. It is a fascinating place!

senior discount and peace signs

It’s actually three storefronts, which you can kind of see here. The first two (the ones you can see clearly) are the grocery store. The third (sort of around the corner) is Cafe Verde, a fair trade, organic coffee shop.

cafe verde inside

That’s the coffee bar part! It has very tasty coffee and tea and juices and all sorts of yumminess.

The Co-op has been around for 45 years. It got started as a card table on the street, with people selling bulk food. Seriously. And now it’s this big storefront with a cafe!

Front of Cafe Verde

The sun is setting and the Co-op is waiting for you!

I hope I did this place justice. I talked to a bunch of folks, went through thousands of pictures, and looked at every single newsletter that I could find. It will be released at our annual meeting on April 17th, and then for sale at the Co-op or from me.

Here is our Facebook page! Please check us out!


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