This past Friday, Ken and I went to our friends’ house to watch ZOMBIE MOVIES!!! We had some debate about whether to watch something completely cheesy, something semi-cheesy, or something not bad. We ended up with a movie that can best be described as “fascinating premise, horrible lead actor, not the best execution of a movie, maybe better as a play?”. Of course, I am talking about:


The movie features this guy as a radio DJ on a small radio station somewhere in Ontario. (My favorite moments included when they would say things like, “Should we call the OPP [Ontario Provincial Police]?” and I’d be all, “YEAH YOU KNOW ME!” Things are coasting along until one of their reporters on the street (actually, in a helicopter but not really–it’s funny because he is only pretending to be in a helicopter!) reports that thousands of people are storming a local doctor’s office. And then he reports that hundreds of people have crowded onto a car and are imitating the windshield wipers.

We don’t see any of this, and that’s just as well, because the image in my mind is fairly scary.

Things escalate from there. Rather than belabor what happens, I will say that the movie inspired me to read the book upon which the movie is based: Pontypool Changes Everything. It’s…different. Again, great idea but the execution is odd.

What are YOU reading?


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