I am very lucky to not only live in the best city on earth (that’s Ann Arbor, in case you forgot), but that I also get to write about it!

I have a bi-weekly piece in Concentrate Media that talks about our local history. Also, today I learned, bi-weekly means both every other week and twice a week. NUTS, HUH??? In this case, I mean every other week. Here are a few of the more recent articles:

Coffee shops

Pretzel Bell

Argo Beach

I also write for Mittenbrew! I get to do all sorts of fun things because of this job!

Ann Arbor Distilling Company

Arbor Brewing Beer Tastings

I need to say that absolutely none of these articles would be possible without the best photographers, Doug Coombe and Steph Harding, and the best editor in town, Jeff Meyers.

Didn’t I tell you that this was the best city?!

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