This weather has been freaking me out. People are running around in shorts going “Wheeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!” when they KNOW it’s not right. Some things in nature just are not right. If it were bright and sunny at 2:00 in the morning, you would not be running around going “Wheeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!”; you would be running around yelling “Holy God shit fuck we are all going to die!”

Okay, it’s not the same thing, exactly. But the fact that I had a Hawaiian shirt and light sweater on at school today is freaky to me.

When I get freaked out by the present, it sometimes helps me to look towards the past. I found a handful of reports of unseasonable warm weather in Ann Arbor from back in the day!

  • 1878 reported buds were opening
  • 1897 a clothier was practically giving its coats away because it was so warm in December
  • 1880 said that there was some weird shit going down with the bees, because of warm weather in January and February
  • 1886 had another clothier begging us to buy coats even though it was very warm in January
  • 1876 reported 70 degrees on Christmas and 64 on New Year’s Day

So maybe it’s not as scary as bright sun  in the middle of the night. And maybe this has all happened before. It still isn’t quite right to me….


  1. Meera G says:

    Happy Holidays, dear friend! Was thrilled to discover your awesome website. I know what you mean about the warm weather throwing you off at this time of year. Have been living in Southern California for 10 yrs now, but being a Michigan girl I’m *still* not used to only getting 1-1.5 seasons every year as opposed to all 4. (The half season is the few days of the year it’s a little gray with a moderate breeze going and a couple of rain drops fall. They call this fall and winter here.) Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a ridiculously good New Year!
    🙂 Meera [Yeah, Meera of all people. Talk about your blasts from the past, eh?! 😉 ]

    1. teacherpatti says:

      Holy cow! How are you??? Are you on FB, Twitter…? I will email you soon. At my dad’s in Florida with limited wifi. Sooo glad to hear from you!

    2. teacherpatti says:

      Okay dear, I am emailing you at your yahoo address…check it

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