I’ve heard of president-elect, and vice-president-elect but…bride-elect? Seriously? Apparently so. It seems to be a thing back in the 50s….


Isn’t she adorable? And she’s the bride-elect! I wonder how she felt about being called that…or maybe it was just the thing and she didn’t think twice.


Note that Martha is in medical school (back in 1952!) I hope she got to become a doctor!

Now notice this….


This woman has a doctorate, is a professor…and becomes Mrs. George Cohen. Because fuck you, Jean Carl and all of your years of hard work to earn your MA and PhD and become a freaking PROFESSOR! Yes, I know it was the 1950s, but deep down…I have to wonder how Dr. Carl felt about this. I am Dr. Smith and I would be really unhappy to suddenly become Mrs. Kenneth Anderson (which I suppose according to 1950-land I will become on June 19th). Even just looking at that is pissing me off, so I will move on.

Okay, this is freaking awesome! Apparently, spiritual weddings were also a thing, back in the 1870s. So peep this: a baby dies at six weeks, shows back up at a seance 34 years later, and pronounced herself engaged to another dead person. And there was a wedding. And she wore green. And she wrote a letter to her dad. And they went on a honeymoon in the spirit world. And I seriously feel like I am in some sort of crazy space in my head right now.

spiritual wedding


  1. Wystan says:

    Martha Wells never became a doctor. She committed suicide in 1955 (her parents were friends of my parents, and of me):

  2. teacherpatti says:

    Oh I’m so so sad to hear that 😦 She was beautiful!

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