Okay, not everyone. I get that. But in 1878, a New York newspaper was showing us some love in the form of a series of illustrations of our young city. The New York Daily Graphic was the first tabloid to feature illustrations, and it was NOT AN EASY THING TO DO, MFERS! The article explains how difficult it was, and I would encourage folks to read it if you are at all interested. Let’s just say that it makes the whole concept of “selfies” seem even more ridiculous.

Our friends in New York called us a “beautiful and flourishing” city in Washtenaw (which means beautiful in “the Indian” [give them a break here…it was 1878])…I didn’t know it meant anything. They talked about our lovely trees, our good schools (and willingness to pay for them), and our fine stores. They were a little concern that we didn’t have much manufacturing, despite the Huron River being RIGHT THERE with all of its water power.

Fifteen lovely illustrations were included in this article!! Look at the scene of Main Street going north! Those buildings are still there, mostly. But check out Huron…whoa! Yeah, not so much like that anymore!!!

Hopefully the link above will work...here it is again. Thank you, Ann Arbor News, for looking back at this lovely tribute to our fair city!!!

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