These days, we can predict snowstorms almost down to the minute. Various sources told me that yesterday’s snowstorm would start out slow until about noon or so (yep), and then it would pick up (YEP!) and that we would end up with around a foot of snow (oh YEPPERS!). I sometimes wonder what it was like to have no real idea of what the weather would hold. I mean, sure, we joke about “weatherpeople only be right 50% of the time ha ha ha ha”, but at least we usually have some clue about what’s going to happen.

Our friends in the past took a somewhat romantic view of the weather, as you will see in the following writings. (Note: I am not trying to force people to my Twitter feed; rather, for some reason the pictures are coming out very small when I try to cut and paste them into the blog.)

First, the Argus of 1864 gives us a lovely poem about SNOW! I was very excited to see a paper from 150+years ago in the Old News archives! I remember hearing rumors about the donation of Civil War era papers and I am hoping that this is the first batch to be scanned.

This 1870s Argus assures us that snow whitens the complexion (uh, yeah, hi 1870! Not everyone has white skin!) and also may remove freckles.

Then we read about Autumn Snow.

And a gentle reminder that it could be snowing in April, so it could always be much, much worse!

Stay safe and warm!

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