Nowadays, we like to get irate over the state of our roads; indeed, the roads are in disrepair and are often quite dangerous. Back in the day, sidewalks were the issue. According to the Courier, people were paying $3,000-$10,000 PER LIMB for injuries! PER LIMB, people! Common Council had enough, they were done playing, and were now going to enforce the sidewalk ordinance. Presumably, Common Council then dropped the mic and walked out.

In other news, fall will be here soon (seriously? It’s only July!), the Courier reminded readers. “Lots of Ann Arbor sidewalks will convince you of this fact if you are incredulous,” the paper said. That’s all that was said on the matter, but I imagine they are making a greater comment on the sad, sad state of our walks.

The Courier also noted that it wasn’t half as much fun to take away the rubbish and trees on Monday as it was to get and fix them up last Friday. (Note: “Last Friday” was July 4th…not sure if that ties into this or not?)

Speaking of July 4th, it appears that Mr. Kemper’s house on Fifth Avenue (near the depot) caught fire from some sort of fireworks or firecrackers. Insurance was paid for damage done. So let’s recap that folks–within *five days*, insurance had already paid Mr. Kemper $12 to fix his roof! When my mom’s roof got hit by a tornado, it took weeks.

There was supposed to be a Common Council meeting last Monday (July 2nd), but the council members “were so patriotic that they failed to meet”. I don’t know if this was meant to be snarky or not, but if it was, I want to say that the Beal family would have made fine City Council Tweeters in this day and age!

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