There used to be a Wall Street bridge in our town. It was made of wood, and it had a spectacularly sad ending. As the story goes, a woman was giving some kids a ride around town in her horse and buggy. At some point, she wanted to cross the river and went across that bridge. It was at that exact moment that the bridge collapsed. I mean, can you even imagine?!


The nice lady was pretty severely injured, as were some of the kids in the buggy. The horse died 😦 A concrete bridge at the same location replaced this one, and eventually the Maiden Lane bridge replaced that one.

Here is a picture of the spot of the Wall Street bridge today, as best I can guess. Wall Street sort of peters out at this spot at the river (see the last picture), so I guess the bridge had to be around here.

wall1 wall2 wall3

 Now we have a big fancy pants concrete bridge (a small sign on it said something about 1982, so let’s presume that is when it was built or at least improved) on Maiden Lane. I decided to take a walk this morning (not smart, because it is really cold out!) and decided at the last second to go up this bridge instead of turning left to go towards Broadway and Lower Town. I was delighted with what I found!

bridge1bridge6    bridge7 bridge9 bridge10 bridge12bridge4

We do nothing half-assed in this town, so I’m thrilled to say that these drawings match a similar (but bigger) set at the bridge around Bandemer Park!

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