Check out these awesome pictures from the Ann Arbor District Library’s Old News website. Not long ago, they released a bunch of new pictures from their Ann Arbor News photograph collection. I am already waving bye-bye to the hours of my life that will be spent (but very WELL spent) looking through them šŸ™‚


The above picture was taken on the courthouse lawn. The tree is lovely, but the courthouse was lovelier. I often say that if I ever invent a time machine, I will first go back kill Hitler (cuz we all would) and take out Goebbles and Mengele and those f*faces but THEN I will go to Ann Arbor and beg the city planners to please not demolish our courthouse.

wilkinson 40

Isn’t that wonderful? It was from Wilkinson’s Luggage store circa 1940. I love window shopping, but it seems to be getting harder and harder to do.

main and miller

This picture shows the corner of Main & Miller. You will see the Pardon block, which now houses the most delicious Broken Egg restaurant. To the right is Dr. Chase’s Steam Printing House, which now houses a law firm (I think it’s a law firm…it has a bunch of names on the door).

xmas kettle 1948

From 1948, we see our friends walking up the street and a little kid giving to the Salvation Army kettle bucket. I absolutely love the one lady’s checkered pants! And, there is a furrier in what is now a bank. I know I will get the hate for this, but I love real furs.

yule pix

Rehearsal for the 1943 Christmas Sing, which was held at Hill. I want one of those hats with the veil hanging down.

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