Did anyone else go to the Tuba concert at the farmers’ market today? I just got back and have to say that it was a fantastic time! According to the Observer, they just sort of all get together on the day of the concert and then make awesome music happen just a few hours later. Given that I have zero musical ability, this is like an out and out miracle to me. The audience got to sing along and I love sing-a-longs!

There were, probably not surprisingly, many bands back in the day in Ann Arbor. One that I particularly like is Otto’s Band. Look at these guys! They seem cool as hell!


Word on the street was that they were the first band to play the Hail to the Victors song! I think that picture was taken at what is now the courthouse annex on Fourth Avenue, but I’m not sure. At any rate, I think it is great that live bands continue to play on our fine streets.

It is pretty much universally agreed upon that I suck as a photographer, but I did my best to get a few pictures.tuba band2 tuba band1 tuba band4 tuba band5

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