New steamer! There’s a new steamer in Ann Arbor! It was built to carry cars from Toledo and North Michigan Railroads across Lake Michigan BUT could be converted in a war machine if necessary. That’s an interesting way of thinking….

Art Exhibit! The Ladies’ Library is holding one of its best exhibits ever given here. There are beautiful water colors, yellow roses (fresh? painting? It doesn’t say), “perfect” picture of old homes.

Business Men’s Meeting! J.F. Schuh called for this meeting, but then didn’t show up. WTF, J.F.!?? They want E.S. Hoyt’s specialties. Why weren’t you there, J.F.?!?!

Heavy Tax Payers! A list of “heavy” tax payers (over $300) were listed. I am glad my taxes are not listed. I pay a lot and my dad doesn’t need to know how much we pay because he would just yell at me (in a loving way) 🙂

The Hobart Guild is meeting! This is open to anyone–ladies or gentlemen–who are affiliated with St. Andrew’s Church. That beautiful church is still standing…the block looks much today as it did back when this was written (minus some cars and people walking around with Smart Phones). Yes, there’s a picture in my book!

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