I am horrible at self-promotion (where is the line between that and bragging?! Oy), but I have to say that I have a BOOK LAUNCH coming up next Monday, November 17th at 7pm at the sh\aut space in Braun Court. Mayor Hieftje (who wrote the foreword for the book!) will be there and really, he’s more interesting than me, so you should come out for that 🙂

I will also be signing books at the Grange on November 19th from 4:00-6:00. Please come out, have a cocktail, some poutine, and local history!

But back to the 1880s…newspapers had to pay bills and sold advertising to do so. Some things for sale:

  • Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup — available for squalling infants, pleasant tasting, and safe to use in all cases! Available “everywhere”, including our own Ann Arbor!
  • Little Mack’s at 9 Main Street recognized that men “have many minds and many shapes and many forms”; thus, they offered custom tailoring for the discerning gentleman
  • Over at 7 E. Huron Street, F.S. Mack offered tobacco “at Detroit prices”
  • Rinsey & Seabolt’s grocery store offered a variety of goods for sale–bread, crackers, cake, cornmeal, feed…and also paid cash for butter, eggs and produce!
  • Anton Eisele (mentioned in my book!) advertised his marble and granite monuments…prices were “lower than ever!” The shop was located at the corner of Detroit & Catherine Streets
  • A person call him or herself only J.W.B. posted an ad asking to “rent a good piano”
  • The administrator of the Buchoz estate was selling “valuable real estate” at the court house. There was a Buchoz block back in the day (also mentioned in the book!), located on Detroit Street…not sure if this was the same Buchoz but it’s a safe bet that they were somehow related!
  • Over at the opera house, Professor Haines was offering private handwriting lessons

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