There were some reports of snowflakes on Saturday (November 8, 2014) morning. We are not alone in early snowflakes…our friends in 1880 had them as well! The Courier reported that a Saturday night rainstorm turned into snow and a blanket of white greeted everyone on Sunday morning. Monday and Tuesday were mild, said the paper, and the snow presumably melted.

The clearing of walkways and sidewalks is also still an issue around here and something that folks in 1880 also had to contend with. In fact, the Courier (always ready with an opinion!) suggested that businesses who hadn’t the “energy or self-respect” sufficient to clear its walkways should be boycotted. But of course it was the Courier and they didn’t just say boycotted…they said to give the “cold shoulder of patronage” to these businesses. It is “bad enough to have to wade through slush on resident streets.” True, Courier, true.

There was also a correction to the census numbers for the city…there were 8,103 people and not 7,103 as originally reported.

There was a mention of the recent election, as well. Only two anti-masonic straight tickets were voted in the county–one in Augusta and one in Webster.  Also, it was reported that the county canvassers got $3 per day for two days’ work, plus mileage.

I have to wonder how mileage was paid! In food and care of your horse? Wear and tear on your buggy! That is absolutely fascinating to me…I never even realized that they paid mileage back in the day!

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