Courier, November 5, 1880:

The Courier exclaimed “glory, glory Hallelujah! Almost everything Republican now!”

As we know, the Republican party of the 1880s was very different than the one today. It also is worth mentioning that as a female, I could have had absolutely no vote in anything. Women still had to wait 40 years before they could vote in most places (some states did allow voting earlier, and sometimes you could vote in smaller elections in some towns). Any woman who does not vote today infuriates me.

Interesting to note is that all of this information was listed on page two of the paper, with the front page being made up of short story type pieces.

The paper also listed the results of local elections, warning that their numbers would “vary considerably” from the official figures. While this is problematic, it does beat the races that are “called” before the polls even close! I found it interesting that some poor folks only got one vote. Perhaps if women could have voted for them, they could have gotten 2?!

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