…and you should go, I need to recommend something. Squirrel away your calories for a few days, and be sure to eat their German Chocolate Cake while drinking the Shaman Bourbon Barrel Aged Porter. You could totally go for it and drink the Decadent Chocolate Ale, but that just seems a bit, je ne sais pas, too much. The porter has some chocolate notes, but not enough to overwhelm the chocolate in the cake.

I’d also recommend the sausage plate + just about any beer on the menu, but particularly the malty spectacular goodness of the Bloktoberfest. The seasonings in the sausage (which I started calling “snausage” about four sample glasses in) worked well with the malt and grain in that beer. The Belgian also paired nicely, but the Tripel was too sweet for the snausage.

It’s a great place! I’m only sorry it took us this long to get out there!

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  1. Kate says:

    So glad to hear it’s good! We’ve had fun doing our own food-beer pairings by bringing in takeout to the brewery bar (I highly recommend a slice of any of the Dangerously Delicious dessert pies with the porter and Hop-a-peel was punchy enough to stand up to the garlic sauce in the shawarma from the Bucharest Grill) but I’d love to try out the food they have designed to go with their most excellent beers!

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