It goes to show you never can tell. When my friends (Linh and Roxy) invited me for lunch at Godaiko, I knew I’d be getting excellent sushi. What I didn’t know, is that they have an outstanding bar as well. Linh knows one of the owners/chefs, and he was kind enough to come over and chat with us. Out of nowhere, he started talking about a grapefruit beer that he discovered at Disneyland (of all places!) and worked hard to get imported for the bar.

It turns out that the beer is Schofferhofer’s (imagine the Motley Crue dots over the “o”) Grapefruit Weizen. While it gets mixed reviews online, I would give it a thumbs up for being refreshing and low in ABV (2.5%!). The nose is tart grapefruit and the taste is that of a sweet grapefruit spritzer–there is a lot of grapefruit taste in this beer! I can see why others might not like it, but I really enjoyed it!

I should also mention that the food at Godaiko is simply wonderful–I had the spider roll and the California roll and both were terrific. Plow your way through the construction (screw those barrels!) to get there!

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