I hate the month of January. I’m sure most people in the northern environs don’t love it but I seriously hate it. Some bad things have happened in January and I will mention two before moving onto beer stuff.

During the third week of January 1998, I started my first “real” law job. It turned out to be one of most horrific experiences of my life and quite a shock to the naive 25 year old who had always succeeded at everything. It was also the first hint that I might have some issues (later identified as disabilities) that would prevent me from working the extended hours required by this firm. That first week was spent reading a thick book about bankruptcy law. Seriously. From 8-6 for four straight days, I was to sit in an office and read this book so I could learn all about the subject. I don’t remember much about what I read and I can’t tell you how I made it through (this was before computers/internet connections/smart phones). I do know that I got to go to court with some paralegals that Friday and that was fast living, kids! I also remembered leaving on Friday and immediately counting down the hours until I had to be back on Monday morning. I spent most of that weekend counting down with increasing dread. (Needless to say, I did not last long on that job and it began my seven years of job hopping throughout the legal field).

January of 2000 was also abysmal and also such because of the legal field. I was stuck in yet another dead end job with a crappy salary and crappy working environment. I remember how the days and weeks were so long that I felt like it should be April by the time January 31 rolled around. For some reason, the movie The Wedding Singer was on TV a lot and I wanted to get sucked into that world and live with those folks…in a happier time where I had never considered law school.

My Januarys have improved, I’m happy to say. I now have a job that I like in a field that can accommodate for my disabilities. And not to sound trite, but I have CRAFT BEER!

And yes, sometimes I get through the cold dark nasty days by looking forward to the release of spring beers. But for now, I am happily up to my neck in stouts, most notably Saugatuck’s Neapolitan Stout. I find that not many beers translate well to the bottle…I really prefer the fresh tap, especially when I have the beer on tap the first time I ever try it (such was the case with this beer). This one is delicious in bottles, I am happy to say! You get the stout, you get the strawberry flavor (not too sweet or cloying but enough that you get the taste), you get the hint of vanilla. You get an awesome freaking beer! And you get the memory of real ice cream being eaten on hot, summer days….

More January beers to come!

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